Welcome To The Third Ring of Hell.

Welcome to the new and (hopefully) improved Mariano Saves blog. For those unwashed masses who are unfamiliar with me (read: Everyone) my name is Chris Cucchiara and I have been an avid sports enthusiast for approximately 25 years now. I am very opinionated on all matters Baseball, Football, Basketball, Pro Wrestling (yes I lumped that in with sports. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?), Golf, et al.

Most postings on this site will invariably revolve around the subjects listen, and I hope to provide a refreshing take on the surreal nature of it all. I encourage you to provide thoughts, analysis, criticism, outrage, whatever opinion you have. I am not an experienced writer, so I hope you understand this as I work out the kinks and try to find a suitable voice. So consider this a warning shot. I thank all of you (any of you?) for your time if you do visit, and will always be amenable to suggestions.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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