Take Aways: New England Patriots at New York Jets 11/22/2012

What to say after a game like THAT? The second quarter of Thanksgiving nights game was a farce. No other way to put it. While some credit can be given to the Patriots hard hitting defense (they still can’t cover), this game is all about one thing: The Complete and Utter Meltdown of the New York Jets. It was almost surreal watching that 52 second span where the Jets were playing hot potato with the football. And granted some plays were a little fluky (McKnight’s fumble goes directly to Edelman like a Rondo dish), the impetus of this abortion of a game has to go on Rex Ryan’s club. Sanchez running into his own linemans ass and fumbling, the Jets defense giving up an 83 yard touchdown…on the simplest of screen passes…I mean my God, we knew the Jets didn’t have the talent to match the Patriots Thursday, but all those turnovers are a direct result of horrible coaching during a short week. Embarrassing. And, to boot, we all know the Pats weakness is their secondary, right? So why did the Jets not try ONCE to go deep over the top? The Pats have proven they can’t stop the deep ball this (and last) season, so why not try? At worst they would draw a Pats Interference (you know, a PI called on a Pats player for not bothering to turn around to the ball). That lies on Tony Sparano, possible a worse OC than Brian Scottenheimer.

Basically, what we saw Thanksgiving was a funeral. This Jets team, as fun as they have been to antagonize over the last four years, has run its course. They cannot win with this quarterback, this defense, this coaching staff, this front office. Time for them to blow it up. Only one Jet came out of the loss better than going in: Darrelle Revis. He’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


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