Take Aways: NFL Wild Card Weekend, Day 1

What awful games we were subjected to Saturday. For all the talk about the “Young” quarterbacks taking over the league, I felt the position was set back fifty years by the anemic play of Webb, Dalton, and Schaub today. Absolutely abysmal. Only Aaron Rodgers played at a level approaching respectable, and that seemed only because the Vikings defense gave up once they learned their starting QB would be sidelined. Adrian Peterson, the rightful recipient of the MVP award for the season, as usual played his ass off, but what can you do when the box is lined up against the run and your quarterback is 3 for 12 throwing the damn thing? These two games represented some of the worst aspects of football. Lame, halt, ugly, undisciplined. Bad games. As for Houston being the Pats opponents, I say bring them on. They barely could contain a B-Level QB like Andy Dalton today, with just TONS of missed throws between him and AJ Green and Jermaine Gresham alone. What is that defense going to do with TOM F’NG Brady and thier TE’s and WR’s? I know Brady has been a little lackluster the last couple of postseasons, but the man is still one of the greatest to ever grace the position. Matt Schaub? He is a cold sore on the lips of humanity.


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