Just a quickie here, as that wrestling book article has been YEARS in the making. I tend to gauge that the sense of most Pats fans is that we are going to walk right through the hapless Texans. Act like you have been there before people. The last time the Pats humiliated a team like that and faced them again in the playoffs? J-E-T-S. 2010. The Texans are quite like that Jets team: mediocre passing game, great RB, a soild defense with a marquee name, JJ “Horse Steroids” Watt. I know this is not the same Patriot team: We have a solid run game; when healthy, a better secondary; Mayo and Wilfork are playing like rampaging beasts right now. Keep in mind though: This is not your younger brothers Patriots. Its not the rosy times of 2004. They are still eminently beatable, and have struggled in truly big games. Do I think the Pats will prevail tomorrow? I am skeptical. I think it ends up in one of two ways: Pats in an utter blowout, or Texans in a game similar to, as Pats fans, I hope you understand what I am saying here, “The Game We Have All Seen.”


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