Pats-Ravens Redux

Well, that sucked Pats fans, now didn’t it?

I admit the Patriots AFC Championship loss to the Ravens, 28-13, sucked the big ‘ole meat missile. However, in the aftermath of the loss I am reading some embarrassing comments from Pats fans on Facebook and Twitter. Some are calling for Brady’s head. Some for Belichick’s. Both men deserve some blame for the loss tonight, but it almost seems those two are being placed mutually exclusive ahead of the other Patriot faults. To those detractors exclusively naming Brady and Belichick I counter:

*Would you prefer Bledsoe?
*Would you prefer Pete Carroll?
*Would you prefer Scott Sisson?
*Would you prefer Scott Zolak?

Its absolutely mindless to attempt to lay blame on Brady and Belichick. Did either have their finest hours tonight? Absolutely not. My snapshot of this game will forever be at the end of the first half when Brady used his 1/25th thimble of speed to rush for a first, and neither Brady nor Belichick quickly called for a timeout, necessitating a poor field goal attempt when if a proper time out were called they could have had two shots at the end zone. Brady either overthrew or underthrew so many receivers today it was like watching a college game. The wind was howling, though. Brady did throw for 320 yards in the game, but that was an empty stat simply for the reason that, once Aquib Talib Kweli left the game early, the Pats defense was severely compromised. The biggest turning point once again centered around the biggest Patriot villain of them all: Bernard Pollard.

Pollard is Patriot Kryptonite. He, over the last five years, has taken out Brady, Welker, Gronkowski, Myra Kraft, Terry Francona…well, you get the point. The Pats were poised for a comeback once they got and maintained possession of the fucking ball in the second half…and pollard (lowercase from now on in my columns, the douchebag) helmet to helmeted Stevan Ridley right out of his one-sie. It was, per Pollard, a dirty hit, but in the playoffs, completely legal, unfortunately. It was a hit Rodney Harrison would be proud of.

And there in lies the Pats problems. When winning championships earlier in the aughts, they were THE physical, smart team in the NFL. They took your lunch and made you call YOUR mother. Bad M’Fers. Now, they play too cutesy on offense. They are almost there on defense, but Belichick is still trying to figure out the rules passed by the biggest D’Bag in NFL history, Bill Polian, on how DB’s can physically play receivers. Some will say, “Hey, just look at Baltimore!” Well, kids, Ed Reed is the quarterback of the DB’s there, and he is more or less grandfathered in, the refs won’t throw the flag on that guy. What the Pats need is a total reassessment of their drafting philosophy and free agent mantra.

If the Pats can do this, and even if they don’t, with the coaching, and, as Michael Irvin would astutely put it, the “Brilliance of Beel Beelicheek,”  and with Brady, one of the top five QB’s of all time, the Pats should be right back in this position, in a weak AFC, next year. You cannot win them all.


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