Thoughts on the Justin Upton Trade

So I am watching MLB Network yesterday, and all of the analysts were battling a case of priapism discussing the possibility of Justin Upton playing alongside his brother in Atlanta.


Have there ever been a pair of brothers, not named Drew, who have been a bigger disappointment in baseball? Sure, both Upton’s are obscenely talented, no doubt. But both are colossal underachievers. By this point, we know what B.J. is. 2008 was his outlier. He is a good to great fielder who will hit in the vicinity of .225 with about 20 home runs. That is worth 3 years, 39 mil these days? Christ. Justin, well, he is cut from the same uterus, so to speak. The more talented, younger Upton may rebound and have a hell of a career, but he is basically the same player as his brother…great athleticism, low batting average, capable of hitting 40 home runs a year. Honestly, it is as if these two guys are trying to emulate the Aaron brothers…but both are trying to be Tommie instead of Henry. Upton, Upton, and Heyward have these imbeciles covering baseball drooling? I guess they have me drooling a bit too…to see if this outfield triumvirate can break the all time strikeout record for a set of outfielders.


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