Rumble Thoughts

The Royal Rumble came and went yesterday and unfolded pretty much the way everyone thought it would. John Cena won the Rumble match, and The Rock defeated CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Some quick thoughts:

-Alberto Del Rio and Big Show have some freaky good chemistry with one another. In fact, I think Del Rio may be the man who gets the most out of the big guy. Ever. The last man standing match to open the show was probably the best match of the night.

-Surprised Team Hell No retained the tag team straps. If the WWE is smart, they’ll give the belts to The Shield, who to date have only wrestled one match.

-The Rumble match itself was solid, if unspectacular. The ending was a foregone conclusion, but there was some fun getting there. Chris Jericho coming out number two blew the roof off of the arena in Phoenix, and, with Dolph Ziggler, was probably the MVP of the match, lasting nearly 50 minutes before being ousted. That said, his new tattoos were really throwing me off.

-Good to see two 90’s nostalgia acts in the Rumble match. First, Goldust, who came in and went right for his brother, Cody Rhodes. The Sons of the son of a plumber put forth a good showing, and I for one would like to see the two work an actual match. Secondly, it was fun to see The Godfather return, especially seeing he was eliminated almost immediately upon entering the fray. The Godfather character was one of the best opening match wrestlers ever, meaning, while not the greatest in ring talent, he would always pop the crowd with his pimp schpiel and bevy of scantily clad “ho’s.” They could never get away with that shit now days in the conservative PG television era, but back in the “Attitude Era,” it worked like a charm.

-The only problem with the Rumble match, besides the obvious conclusion, was that there were too many people in there for much of the match. Streamline it down some more so you can actually focus on what’s happening in the ring. Don’t throw so many people out there that it resembles a car wreck. I like to be able to follow most of the action, not watch random jobbers hump the bottom rope trying to evade elimination.

-Rock vs Punk. What can I say? Another foregone conclusion match. This match was solidly the CM Punk show, as Rock is still a little rusty from years away from the ring. Punk was at his dickish heel best, including one small but significant spot that had be smiling. Early in the match, on the outside of the ring, The Rock started clearing off the poor Spanish announce table, presumably to put Punk through it. Punk fought Rock off, threw him back in the ring…AND RE-SET THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE, with smiles and thumbs up from the Spanish announce crew. Just tremendous. The match itself was good, nothing spectacular, and although he lost the title this night, after a tremendous 434 day reign, CM Punk is still, easily, the best all around performer in the company, and should remain so in the foreseeable future.


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