The Top Ten Baeball Players of All Time

I am not going to lie. I am in a bit of a writing rut right now, so I am degrading myself with writing the most haphazard, cheap, brutal of all writing styles: top whatever lists. However, I do want to state this. Unlike my wrestling articles, which are pretty much written straight off the top of my head, from years of viewing experience, this project is different. Over the last ten years, I have read all there is to read about baseball. I have done painstaking research, read through both books and periodicals, newspapers and encyclopedias. All this has just aided in my already lofty knowledge of the sport of baseball. For the uninitiated, for you unwashed masses unfamiliar with me, since about 1992, I have been, and remain, basically an amateur baseball historian. Even that is unfair. I love baseball. More than just about anything in life. Which probably explains why I have no girlfriend or no life at this point. BUT I digress. I have made it my mission in life, in my free time over, basically, the last decade, and, honestly, even longer than that, to become a true scholar or America’s Pastime. I wanted to dissect the sport, open it up, find what, who, and when, made and makes it tick. I wanted to know, relative to the era each great player played, how great the player played. Christ, that is a mouthful. Anyway, I have read just a litany of books on baseball, well over 500, coming up with this list in my mind and soul, and, frankly, it has not been easy. There have been so many great players throughout the epochs of baseball history, and to try and narrow it down to a top ten, well, has been a labor of love. Without genital contact, which makes the love almost hate. And wasted promises. And blueballs. Anyway, over the next week or so, I am going to reveal my list, as well as the best books on the subjects I am featuring. Just to let you know, pitchers are a completely different animal, so I will rate them separately. This top ten is for position players only, so no pitchers and no DH’s. No Cy Young’s or Edgar Martinez’s here, boys, just position players. And, to be honest, the top ten is an elite club, so there will not be many current players there. Albert Pujols is close to cracking the top ten. So WAS A-Rod, until this crazy story about MORE performance enhancers came out just today, Tuesday January 29, 2013. I hope all of you enjoy the journey with me, as this has been literally a labor of love. I love the game, and want to represent its greatest stars properly. #10, coming in a few minutes!


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