Quick and Dirty SummerSlam 2013 Review

I am not one to review WWE PPV events or weekly shows. But SummerSlam 2013 was slightly different. The top of the card was populated with Brock Lesnar-CM Punk and John Cena-Daniel Bryan. Any self respecting wrestling author worth his salt would feel obligated to review a show with two amazing potential matches like that. Let me throw my hat in.

Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk: What can I say that has not been said about this match? A good many fans flock to the recent Undertaker-Michaels series at WrestleMania’s 25 and 26. This match tucked them in and kissed them goodnight. Just an unbelievable hybrid of styles, moveset, and psychology. It is probably Brock’s best pro wrestling match ever, and Punk was at his best here. Make no bones about it, this was THE match of the WWE this year, and maybe the last five years. This, while not on par with Rock-Hogan WrestleMania X8, was very close in terms of sheer spectacle. If you have called yourself a wrestling fan for any period of time, you owe it to yourself to see this at least once. It stands out on its own, but live? Unreal. These two athletes demand attention and accolades, and earned it all here. A total ***** affair.

John Cena (WWE Champion) vs. Daniel Bryan (Challenger)
Now, where Brock-Punk was a total Battle of the Titans (or as Brell from No Holds Barred would say, Battle of the Tough Guys. Real imaginative writing from Vince and Terry) this was a styles clash. Daniel Bryan is undoubtedly the hottest performer WWE has seen in almost a decade. In ring, promos, charisma oozing out his pores. The man is MONEY. John Cena has long been the standard bearer, the face of the company. But Cena was wrestling injured here. His arm injury harkened back to legit sports moments like Dave Dravecky, the Giants pitcher who shook an arm tumor only to get back on the mound and quickly break his arm pitching in 1990. It was that gruesome. Anyway, Cena did the job here, and put his buddy (and potential Eiffel Tower teammate…only those two and the Bella diseases know for sure) over BIG TIME, clean as a sheet. It was an interesting match that saw Cena using his sheer power, while Bryan tried to simply outmaneuver and outwrestle the Wrestling he-man. It resulted in a damned fine, ****1/2 match. Now, Bryan got the clean win, but HHH finally turned heel and lead to Randy Orton likewise turning heel and winning the title by cashing in his money in the bank briefcase. A lot of longtime fans are maligning this turn of events, but, trust me, it is MONEY. D-Bry is chasing the new corporate face of WWE, Randy Orton, who is controlled by the McMahons. This storyline should lead nicely into the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. As long as the payoff isn’t Bryan-HHH, but rather Bryan-Orton.


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